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Authentic, Raw  African Black Soap
120g @ £5.00


Authentic, Raw African Black Soap Granules


Palm Kernel Oil, Cocoa Pod Ash and Aqua. 


Nature Faithfuls Authentic, raw, African Black Soap is a natural, handmade soap. May exhibit ultra-healing properties because it cleanses deep to unclog skin pores. It may help blemished skin types.  

At Nature Faithfuls, we continue to maintain traditional ingredients and methods of production. We are very particular about preserving the traditional quality of African Black Soap-Abuwe.

Ingredients include: Palm Kernel Oil, Cocoa Pod Ashes and Aqua. 

We only make and sell high-grade African Black Soap. We don't sell the ones that are black in colour, and  we don't use them in any of our products. 

Africans have been using African black soap for centuries as hair shampoo, face, and body soap for babies and adults 

Nature Faithfuls' brand of African Black Soap may exhibit ultra-healing properties because it cleanses deep, to unclog skin pores. It is great for people with blemished, oily, and especially acne-prone skin types. It comes first as granules, and we mould it into various shapes.

It has a rough texture, which makes it excellent as a natural exfoliant.

How To Use Our Skincare Products
This will vary according to your skin type.
Oily Skin: Use Authentic Raw  African black soap. 
Dry Skin: Use our Authentic, Raw African Black Soap fortified with sucrose or our Face and Body Wash Gel in pump.

In all skin types, it is best to apply soap to wet or moist skin. 

The key thing to remember with our soaps, either raw or the gel, is that a little goes a long way.


How To Use For Best Results
Wet your face with warm, or lukewarm (not hot water).
Using your palm or wet soft flannel, work the soap into a lather.
wash your face or body thoroughly, then rinse off with warm or lukewarm water. If using as facewash, splash cold water unto your face to close up the pores.

Apply a moisturiser such as our Olive Butter while the skin is still damp.

African Black Soap can cause a tingling sensation if the user has broken rashes or open sores on the skin. This is normal, and for most users, it will resolve as soon as you rinse off with water. 

Before using African black soap all over your skin- body, face, or scalp, please do a patch test on a small part of your body such as the back of your hand.


The benefits of using Nature Faithfuls brand of African Black Soap are endless. Check out a few of the benefits below.

African black soap contains strong antibacterial properties which makes it an effective cleanser and a natural alternative to other soaps that may be filled with chemicals.

Deals with Body Odour 
When used twice a day, our brand of African Black Soap can fight bacteria that cause body odour.

Great As Make-Up Remover

After the pomp and pageantry, do not sleep with your make up on. It it's a skin beauty crime. To purge your skin of make up products, and cleanse deep down, without stripping off the natural moisture of your skin, our brand of African Black Soap or our Face & Body Wash is the best for this 'job'.

Skin Moisturiser
The Palm Kernel Oil in our soap keeps the skin moisturised and free of wrinkles or age spots. Palm kernel oil is used in various anti-ageing treatments for smooth, soft skin.

It Improves Skin Tone and Texture
The rough texture of the African Black Soap, plus the ingredients in our brand, when used regularly, over time, can help with exfoliating dead, hyperpigmented skin. Remember, it's not a magic soap, it's natural soap.

Anti- dandruff
The antifungal and anti-inflammatory activity of the cocoa pod ash in the soap helps kill the yeast that causes dandruff. “The Palm Kernel Oil in the soap can also help moisturise dry scalp.

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