Nature Faithfuls Natural Skincare Products began as a university project, in 2019, during the lockdown.

Although the project was dropped for another area of focus, we decided to establish our results as a natural skincare products business.

We are looking into how to produce toxin-free natural skincare products, to give end-users healthy, effective choices, for skin care. The Catalyst is the African Black Soap.

Veronica Olabisi Obadara, the Owner of Nature Faithfuls, decided to follow in her grandmother's footsteps while exploring how to present the ancient African Black Soap in an easy -to use and no-mess form.  


Using the same original ingredients that her grandmother used in making her version of Ose Dudu, Veronica formulated a toxin-free natural soap, from the original African Black Soap granules into the gel.

Feedback has been helpful in our quest to improve the quality of our natural skincare products.

Finally, in 2020, we got our breakthrough and it is called Nature Faithfuls Face and Body Wash.

When some of our customers suggested that we add skin moisturiser to our natural skincare range, to complement our body wash,  we began to research natural ingredients for skincare.

We experimented with various body butter formulae, using natural oils. Some of our families and customers tried the various body butter products that we produced. Olive Body Butter emerged as the darling of many Testers.

Nature Faithfuls' Olive Body Butter is formulated with Extra Virgin Olive Oil-EVOO, as a toxin-free, effective skin moisturiser.

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