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Nature Faithfuls was a finalist in the Enterprise Challenge, University Of Greenwich London. The Enterprise Challenge is a University competition where trained mentors support young people to take on a range of challenges.

The courses at the Enterprise Challenge and guidance by our mentor helped our quest to launch Nature Faithfuls as a business.

We produce toxin-free natural skincare products, to give end-users healthy, effective choices, for skin care. The Catalysts are African Black Soap and Extra Virgin Olive Body Butter.

Veronica Olabisi Obadara, the Owner of Nature Faithfuls, decided to follow in her grandmother's footsteps while exploring how to present the ancient African Black Soap in an easy -to use and no-mess form.


Veronica struggled with acute acne for many years and was placed on antibiotics by her GP. She has also tried different skincare products but her skin condition did not improve. She then decided to start using her grandmother's type of African Black Soap. Her skin condition improved immensely.

The side view of the face with acne

During the lockdown in 2020, Veronica began to work on formulae to produce skincare products using only natural ingredients that helped her skin condition. She also discovered how to produce face and body wash gel from the original African Black Soap granules.

Veronica shared the finished products with families and friends because she did not want to test them on animals. Their feedback has been helpful in our quest to improve the quality of Nature Faithfuls' natural skincare products.

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Veronica's face showing acne
Veronica's face before and after 

                            to order and experience our toxin-free natural skincare products.

WARNING: Check with your Doctor prior to using any new products, especially if you’re pregnant, breastfeeding, or planning on becoming pregnant. Don’t use any oil which comes from a plant you’re allergic to.

When some of our customers suggested that we add skin moisturiser to our natural skincare range, to complement our body wash,  we began to research natural ingredients for skincare.

We experimented with various body butter formulae, using natural oils. Some of our families and customers tried the various body butter products that we produced. Olive Body Butter emerged as the darling of many Testers.

Nature Faithfuls' Olive Body Butter is formulated with Extra Virgin Olive Oil-EVOO, as a toxin-free, effective skin moisturiser.

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