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 Cocoa Pod Ashes, Aqua, Palm Kernel Oil, and Sucrose 


Nature Faithfuls Face and Body Wash
250ml- £20.00 (exclds. postage cost)

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Nature Faithfuls Face and Body Wash is produced as a toxin-free natural skincare product.


May be helpful for acne-prone skin and other skin blemishes.

It contains natural ingredients which promote healthy and clean skin.


Oil, debris, or dirt can lead to clogged pores and these can lead to acne, in the form of pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, e.t.c.  That is why our Face and Body Wash is formulated to purge and exfoliate the skin to remove dirt and other harmful elements that may clog your pores.  Also helpful for body odour and dandruff.


The Catalyst is raw African Black Soap, popularly known as ‘Ose Dudu’ in the Western part of Nigeria, or 'Alata' in Ghana and other parts of Africa.


Our paternal grandmother was a successful African Black Soap Producer in the Western part of Nigeria, from the 50s to 70s and we decided to continue her legacy.


Using our grandmother’s original ingredients, our African Black Soap is plant-based and we have cleverly processed it into a gel form,  as face and body wash.


There are various versions in the market, which vary slightly in colour. We can boast that our version of the African Black Soap (Ose Dudu) is one of the most authentic African Black Soaps around.


INGREDIENTS  Aqua, Palm Kernel Oil, Cocoa Pod Ashes, and  Sucrose  

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