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Dear families and friends of Nature Faithfuls, 

Thank you for your love and support ever since this vision kicked off in 2019.

This journey began as a university project in 2019.

I invested part of my student loan to kickstart the dream.

Before then, I had suffered acne-pimples for some years. It was beginning to affect my self esteem.

People see your face before anything else and one is usually addressed based on appearance and first impression.

After trying doctor's prescription for a while, I decide to do my own research, to discover the best skincare products and routine for me.

Alas, the lockdown happened in 2020 while I was still working on my self and my university projects.

With strong determination, resilience and faith in God, I made a discovery.

The catalysts were, the African Black Soap and Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

I did an extensive research, tried many formulae for about a year and half before the breakthrough results of 2021, with the Nature Faithfuls Face & Body Wash, to help clear acne-pimples without bleaching the skin.

We introduced our 2-in-1 Olive Butter in 2022. It was  first introduced as Moisturising Body Butter in 2021.  Later as Olive Body Butter in 2022 and finally as 2-in-1 Olive Butter and lotion, in 2023.






Since we introduced our current set of natural skincare combo in January 2023, and till date, over 200 people have benefited from our natural skincare products.

We have 10 returning Customers and at least 2 new customers every week.

We secured an Angel Investorin 2023, with that funding we purchased bulk raw materials for our products, we purchased a label printer, mixing machine, professionally printed labels and information leaflets, paid for website subscription for few months, paid for social media advertisements, attended paid exhibitions, paid our coordinator in Nigeria, transportation and other miscellaneous.

We want to kick off as a proper business from the 1st of July 2023. We still need to sort out some legal documents and equipment, to help establish Nature Faithfuls properly as a business entity.

We have obtained the Cosmetic Product Safety Report  Certificate (CPSR)*** for one of the products. We need to get the certificate for the remaining two products. The cost is about £600.00

We are working with a Trademark Attorney to sort our the trademark for Nature Faithfuls' brand name, logo design and products-our 2-in-1 Body Butter. The total cost for this is about £1,640.00

Please, I need your support to make all these happen. This is why I've set up this Paypal to raise the money.

Donations can also be paid directly into our Business Bank Account-


Sort Code:30-98-97

Account Number: 49909762

Thank you for your anticipated support.

What is a CPSR certification?***

A Cosmetic Product Safety Report  Certificate (CPSR)  a document, prepared and signed by a qualified cosmetic safety assessor, that confirms whether or not a particular product complies with UK and EU cosmetic regulation. All cosmetic products placed on the UK and EU must have a cosmetic product safety report.

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