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Updated: Feb 3

My aim is to encourage more people to embrace organic, natural and Eco-friendly products in order to have total well being.

To see the results of my lifestyle changes, connect with me via my social media handles: Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram @veronicaolabisiobadara

Personally, I am making some drastic lifestyle changes, in order to improve my total well being.

I try to cook my meal from scratch, using organic or natural ingredients.

My head to toe skincare products are all natural. I use Nature Faithfuls natural skincare products

Let me introduce myself. I am 'every woman' because I have had experiences similar to what some women are going through in their various journeys. I have the capacity to blend with people at their various personal levels.

Personally, I am passionate about supporting women to acquire skills that will help them to become financially independent. So I created World of Women Community, where women from various backgrounds and vocations are invited as Facilitators and 'Vision Helpers' to take other women by the hands and support them to grow.

My background is broadcast media and I've worked as a Newscaster, Producer and Presenter, with private and government-owned broadcasting stations in Nigeria and the United Kingdom.

Nowadays, my passion and energy are being invested into my natural skincare business. I formulate natural skincare products to help people with troubled skin.

I developed these products while studying at the University of Greenwich, London and I am proud to say I've been receiving positive and encouraging feedback from people who are using my products. Check them out at

A lady in shoulder length brown hair, wearing a fuchsia top and smiling at the camera.
Veronica Olabisi Obadara

I did not just wake up one day and decided to make lifestyle changes, I had health challenges and was going in and out of the hospital because my blood pressure was extremely high and Doctors were scared for my life.

The last time Paramedics came to pick me to the hospital, I had what appears to be strokes, when I made it to the following day alive, I promised to look after myself and make the most of the remaining days of my earthly life.

By changing what I eat, drink and use on my body, I've manged to lose a few pounds in body weight, grow my natural hair, feel very agile and kind of reverse my look.

I will be sharing this journey with you in my blog, YouTube Videos and Podcast.

Natural honey in a tub with cover

Do you create products using organic, natural, eco-friendly, or handmade materials?

I love to hear from you and also have a chat with you on my Social media live shows via Facebook Live, LinkedIn Live and YouTube. Kindly contact me and let's talk about how to bring your products to Nature Faithfuls across the globe.

If you love to write blogs for Nature Faithfuls, kindly email

I love to hear about the changes you're making or how you're embracing the gifts of nature.

Stay safe.

Watch out for new blogs at

Nature Faithfuls Natural Skincare products

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